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Paws for a Pastor

Elijah needs a service dog to improve his quality of life.

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Paws for a Pastor

Elijah needs a service dog to improve his quality of life.

How You Can Help

Buy a T-Shirt

We’re designing and selling t-shirts as a fundraiser for Elijah’s service dog. Be sure to check out his store!

Share His Story

Help get the word out. Try sharing his website or Facebook page with a few words about how you met Elijah or what kind of impact a dog has had on your life.

Say a Prayer

We’re inviting all of you, friends and strangers alike, to be in prayer for Elijah, his future service dog, and the dog trainers. Please be praying for provision as we fundraise, for the dog trainers to find the right dog for him, and for the training to go well. Prayer matters–in whatever form that takes in your life.

From Elijah:


I am loved

I am Loved T-Shirt

“I am loved, accepted, cherished, celebrated by God”

$25 Sizes Available: XS – 4XL

On the 6th day, God created dogs

Very Good Dogs T-Shirt

“On the 6th day, God created Dogs
And they were very good dogs”

$25 Sizes Available: XS – 3XL

Prone to Wander

Prone to Wander

“Prone to Wander”

$25 Sizes Available: XS – 4XL

Service Dogs

Service dogs are recognized by the law as trained working dogs that perform tasks for persons with disabilities. Disabilities can include both physical and mental impairment.

I need a service dog to serve as brace support for when I’m at risk of falling, detect and alert me of oncoming seizures, and retrieve important objects when my mobility is limited.

Calm & Friendly

Able to Assist

Trusted Companion



My supporters and I have several fundraiser ideas that we are working on, including a silent auction. To get the latest news and updates about my fundraiser and my journey, please follow my Facebook page.

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Adorable Dog
Elijah needs a service dog! His dog will be trained by professionals to perform specific tasks that will improve his... Posted by Paws for a Pastor on Monday, July 6, 2020